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Designer Resale

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11324 Westheimer Road

Houston, Texas 77077

(NW Side of Westheimer @ Hayes)


Designer Diva


Designer Resale

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By designerexchange2012, Jan 6 2017 11:42PM

By: Dinah Bennett Kelley

Once upon a time, there was a young lady looking for the perfect outfit to wear to a New Year’s Eve party. One day, she saw a television commercial for a women’s resale clothing store. So, she set out in search of this potential resale clothing delight only to discover a real diamond in the rough.

If you find yourself walking into this little gem of a resale shop, in awe of the 20,000 square-foot women’s retail space called, Designer Diva Resale in Houston, Texas, then you are exactly where you were meant to be!

Designer Diva Resale is a women’s-only resale clothing and accessory store that will take your breath away. Aisles and aisles of gently-worn, high-end fashion and brand name dresses, shoes, blouses, pants, accessories model their beauty and temptation for you, the awe-inspired customer. Ladies, this is one resale store you will actually find something you can’t live without.

Gracious owner and Christian advocate, Michelle Puckett and her talented Manager, Carole Barela have created a highly personalized, one-stop-resale-shop for women of all shapes, sizes, and tastes. Ms. Puckett and her dog, Sassy, welcome customers with humility and a smile. Given a chance, Sassy will even kneel down, offering prayerful thanks to show you her appreciation for your business.

Ms. Puckett is also the founder of the Blooming Butterflies, Inc., created on behalf of her son, Charles who was in a serious hit-and-run motorcycle accident in 2003. As a result of the accident, Charles has required years of surgeries to improve nerve damage injuries, along with endless physical therapies. Turning a very dark time into rays of hope, Ms. Puckett, and her son, Charles decided to create Blooming Butterflies, Inc., a non-profit charity to help others in need. Instead of wallowing in their own painful trials and tribulations, with heart and soul their mission became:

“To promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women, teens, children and senior citizens by providing professional attire + a network of support.”

Attractively, the Designer Diva Resale Store’s Manager, Mrs. Barela, also offers her own special skills. As a professional Image Consultant from New Jersey, Mrs. Barela artfully co-ordinates all merchandize on the floor to perfection. She has an uncanny knack for understanding each woman’s personal style and knows how to put a professionally-pieced outfit together for any occasion.

This store, this team of professionals and their passion for fashion, serving others and making a positive mark in today’s frenzy has set out to help make this world a better place, regardless of the obstacles. It is this type of grace and leadership that is designed to catch the eye, if not also the spirit. Well done, ladies. Well done.

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By designerexchange2012, Oct 14 2016 09:55PM

DESIGER DIVA RESALE PARTNERED WITH BLOOMING BUTTERFLIES, NON-PROFIT WILL HAVE THEIR HUGE GARAGE SALE FUNDRAISER THIS SUNDAY, 10/16 FROM 10AM-5PM! $1.00 designer shoes, clothes, purses, coats, toys, children clothes, Christmas Decorations, sheets, bed spreads, furniture and SO MUCH MORE!


By designerexchange2012, Sep 17 2016 12:43AM

Michelle and her son, Charles both work extremely hard helping others with their non-profit, Blooming Butterflies, Inc. Since 2009 Michelle and Charles have been guiding qualified people to resources which help them form their organization, company, business plan, grants and just comfort them in their time of need. They do this because of the horrible ordeal they experienced in 2003.

March 15, 2003 Charles was in a horrible hit and run motorcycle accident. He was almost home from work when a driver hit him head on knocking him into a bridge guard rail post breaking the motorcycle into two pieces. The driver did not stop and left him lying in the road. Charles had 9 broken ribs, 2 punctured lungs, laceration of the spleen, contusion on the brain with bleeding, broken collar bone, severed nerves at the spinal cord paralyzing his left arm, 8 broken vertebras, all the boney sensors on his spine were blown off.... life flight picked him up and rushed him to the trauma hospital. Michelle reached the hospital approximately 15 minutes after Charles was flown there. Michelle said, "This is a phone call a Mother never wants to receive and to see your son go through so much pain." Michelle sat on a foot stool at the end of Charles's ICU bed massaging his feet as that was the only place you could touch him. Over a month in ICU and miraculously Charles started mending and healing. June, 2003, Charles had a $225,000 nerve graph transfer surgery (they sold everything they owned) which would one day allow him to have a muscle transfer surgery to move his left arm, hand and fingers. THIRTEEN years later Charles is ready for the muscle transfer surgery and there is NO surgeon to perform this surgery. They are seeking and praying for help. Michelle and Charles are searching daily for the right step to take so Charles can use his left arm. He has horrible pain in his back and left scapula from the arm pulling the scapula away from the spine.

Until then, Michelle and Charles continue to work hard and help others in need. They created Designer Diva Resale Store along with Manager/Image Consultant, Carole Barela - OVER 20,000 sf of an AMAZING store located in Houston, Texas!

Michelle and Charles ask you to donate to Blooming Butterflies and come shop Designer Diva Resale Store because they know you will feel the happiness they have created with their friends and wonderful volunteers!

Michelle and Charles will tell you, "God is Good, All the time!" Keep praying and believing!

By designerexchange2012, Sep 16 2016 11:50PM

Best kept Secret in Houston is DESIGNER DIVA RESALE!!

Over 20,000 sf with ALL merchandise CATEGORIZED, SIZED AND COLORIZED for fast shopping or a leisurely shopping spree.

Prices are 80% below designer retail prices - so everyone can afford to wear beautiful designer clothing at a fraction of the price.

You deserve to look good, to look beautiful, to feel special and have fun every second of your life!! Life is too short to waste it. Have fun and enjoy shopping at Designer Diva Resale because we built this store just for YOU!

Please come and be AMAZED at Designer Diva Resale - 11324 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77077 - cross street is Hayes, near Wilcrest.



Holidays approaching and we have OVER 3,000 GOWNS and over 3,000 AFTER FIVE/COCKTAIL ATTIRE!! We also have a CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY DEPARTMENT!



Sassy wants you to visit Designer Diva Resale
Sassy wants you to visit Designer Diva Resale

By designerexchange2012, Aug 6 2016 11:09PM

The Art Institute of Houston FASHION CLUB stylists took treasures from Designer Diva and interpreted their designs through their fashion forward minds to create new inroads in fashion. We has in attendance over 350 people who experienced new takes on designer wear under the lights and music of the state-of-the art DJ with light bites!

After the Fashion Show, the audience was able to experience Designer Diva's 20,000 square feet of designer merchandise, with savings up to 80% off retail value!

Designer Diva Resale, the largest designer resale store in the State of Texas over 20,000 square feet is located 11324 Westheimer Road (one block west of Wilcrest, at Hayes and Westheimer) in the Westchase District of Houston, Texas. Designer Diva aims to sell high-end brands for a fraction of the cost. The layout of the store is highly organized: sizes 00-20 are categorized, sized and colorized. Jewelry and designer handbags are grouped into twenty-eight showcases. An incredible collection of fur includes mink, lynx, and sheared beaver, among others. The Bridal Boutique offers wedding gowns, veils, tiaras and bouquets. An on-site Parisian seamstress specializing in bridal, fur restyling and high-end lingerie is ready to provide alterations and even create a custom gown. The Manager and Professional Image Consultant, Carole Barela, is available to create and/or collaborate with the seamstress to style your own personal look! Designer Diva also carries an outstanding collection of evening and prom gowns, lingerie, shoes, scarves, hats, perfume and much more! Great stock, low prices, brightly lit aisles with room to shop!

Designer Diva is partnered with Blooming Butterflies, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization assisting battered women, disadvantaged children, teens and senior citizens as well as helping to save the Endangered Monarch Butterflies. This partnership enables Designer Diva to donate 10% of all sales to Blooming Butterflies, which in turn, provides assistance to twelve confidential shelters enabling women of all sizes to feel special by bringing out their inner beauty and confidence with high-quality clothing.

“The challenges I’ve faced throughout my life have compelled me to create a business targeting women consumers by providing designer clothing and accessories at affordable prices,” relates Designer Diva owner, Michelle Puckett.