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Goodbye 2018

By Designer Diva Resale, Dec 22 2018 01:00AM

Goodbye 2018

18 Dec 2018, 10:30 AM:

Byline: Michelle Puckett

One of the most annoying fashion rules we have suffered under for more than 40 years may be on its way out the door as well … with just as much haste as this year has flown by.

It’s Victoria’s idea of what sexy is and is not, and for the rest of us real women we’re ready for a reality check. Victoria, you know her as that cheap little harlot who stages glamorous half-naked twiggies on a runway wearing heart-shaped wings and high heels.

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Well it seems that the 41-year-old brand needs something to spice up her love life with her loyal customers. The real secret is that she’s out dated. That rule that of flat abs and even flatter buns are quickly dismissed by 90% of the real women in the world and I’m more than 80% sure that’s a real number.

Victoria’s world started to unravel after its November’s extravaganza in Shanghai, China which by all account was an estimated $12 million production telecast around the world. Attending crowds went wild watching supermodel Lais Ribeiro stride down the runways with her 6-foot frame stuffed into the $2 million bejeweled bra she was wearing.

But the show’s audience plummeted 32% from the previous year to just 5 million. Victoria insists it is still the most watched fashion event in the world and that more people are tuning in online. But isn’t that what they said about a recent inaugural ceremony in D.C.?

Online viewership isn’t hard to track – in fact it’s a niche marketplace.

While Victoria’s same in store sales has been in a nose dive over seven quarters, margins are squeezed, and inventories are flush sending investors screaming. L Brands, the lingerie maker’s parent company, stocks are taking a beating as shares are down more than 45 percent this year — making it the worst-performing stock in the S&P 500.

“Victoria’s Secret is an example of a company that thought it was too big to fail,” Lingerie Addict editor and founder Cora Harrington; And you really can’t blame it on #metoo, this brand was faltering long before and now its time has come.

“The Angels are unrelatable, while the stores look too much like an outdated boudoir,” observed retail consultant Gabriella Santaniello of A-Line Partners.

Sexy is not dead. You and I know that sexy is certainly not out dated. But the idea that sexy has flat abs, buns and forehead with an overabundance of chesty is. Sometimes you must love mother nature’s affinity for balance.

Keep It Real Divas!!

Michelle Puckett.

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