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By Designer Diva Resale, Dec 18 2018 01:33AM

By Michelle Puckett, 14 Dec 2018, 10:30 am – Houston Texas

Let’s make another clarified rule for fashion if you can’t jump into a cab or a bus while wearing the dress, then you might not have the right idea about Practical Fashions.

Everyone remembers the puffer coat we all wore in middle school that made you look like a walking hand grenade. But mom was assured that you were warm and safe walking those thirty-three hazardous miles back and forth to school, in the snow … uphill … both ways.

This coat was everything a working family could ask for in winter protection. Flexible, thick, durable, and best of all cheap. Really, what more could you ask for?

Standard fare for an all-around greatest and warmest thing on planet earth was $50. And at Burlington, you could catch them for $39. You can find fantastic jackets from Zips or the Mara Stone Puffer Jacket for under $80!

Those were the days of rational thinking. Before the days of North Face throws up their WOMEN'S GOTHAM PARKA II (to the left), for a mere $250 a pop.

Then Tahari Mia Long, Vince Camuto , and even Lauren Ralph Lauren break through the $300 dollar ceiling and the sky’s the limit.

And a special mention to Sam Isabel Oversized Puffer Jacket for $400, You’ll have to see it for yourself.

This is where rational thought is replaced by thin slices of spam. No, not the smooth texture of fried baloney, but the chunky salty, spicy meaty flavored spam heralded by Monty Python and thousands of frat boys in northwestern Virginia.

Barney’s is offering one 1 MONCLER PIERPAOLO PICCIOLI, Lucrezia Down-Quilted Puffer Cape for a mere $3,565. I kid you not,

But the pain doesn’t stop there.


Down-Quilted Long Puffer Dress. What every girl needs to tackle the river rafting trip down the Rio Grande.

I completely understand fashion loyalty and brand awards that compel irrational thinking, but com’on we can do better than celebrate fashions that make us look like extras in the Handmaiden’s Tale or pawn pieces on a chess board?


A stylish person is someone who has a bold sense of fashion, like a queen with flowing robes and gowns, or your friend who always wears the best-looking jeans. Stylish can describe polite and elegant manners, or it can describe dressing with the current fashion trends as you walked off the pages of a magazine. (Source,

But seriously, how do these ladies shake anyone’s hands. They walk around flapping their forearms like a T-Rex with a very bad itch on their nose. This is how Rome fell. You think the tunic was practical for all occasions?

Don’t fall into the fashion trap that thinks that anything a Kardashian wears is good for you. Wear what you want, be sure it’s something you want to wear.

Till next time, I’m in your corner.

Michelle Puckett

Your Designing Diva

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