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By Designer Diva Resale, Dec 18 2018 01:18AM

By Michelle Diva - 12 December 2018

Without creating a list of style dos and don’ts, we need to point out a few all too common mistakes that girls often make.

Everyone wants to stand out in a crowd, or is that stand out from the crowd? Either way, we dress for success and success means we get noticed … but for the right reasons.

What to Avoid

Wrong Size

A blouse that is too big and falling off your frame, pin it up or lose it completely. Same for baggy stretched out tees and baggy jeans.

While we’re on the jeans, let’s lose the freshly painted on look.

Really, what are you are saying is that you’re are still working on that diet until then you’re not paying for new pants!

Rules: Badly fitting clothes leaves the impression that you don’t know how to dress.

Retro or Thrift – Not The Same

Keep your fit all together fit. This is most common with shoes, purses, glasses that are broke, scuffed, damaged, and should be repaired or replaced.

You should store your shoes with a put a shoe tree inside your shoes to prevent creases and once a week, treat your shoes to some moisturizer, and a little wax.

Long-term storage for purses, shoes or anything leather, should be wrapped in paper or acid-free plastic. Even dust has a Ph level that will damage leather.

Keep your suits and outfits clean and serviceable. Replace lost or broken buttons, remove stains, shave or cut off rouge threads. Keep your collars and cuffs stain free and in good shape.

Rules: Keep your leathers clean and stylish. And that small coffee stain on the lapel will throw a long shadow across your perfectly pink St. Johns Power suit.


Less is more. Wearing too many accessories will look like you fell out of a thrift store after a weekend binge.

And keep your style together. Clashing brass wristlets with Bakelite cuffs will only prove to everyone you have issues. overall style. Before reaching for that necklace, check whether it really goes with your total look.

Rules: 3 accessories that create a total look.

Appropriate Dress

You should care enough about your style and how your style reflects on you to wear event or venue appropriate clothing or outfits suitable for the occasion.

If you respect yourself, you will respect the occasion and the people around you. Don’t let yourself down.

Rules: Leggings and Flip Flops are not suitable for every occasion.

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