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Come Check out our DIVALICIOUS 20,000 sq ft


Designer Resale

NOT Designer Retail!


11324 Westheimer Road

Houston, Texas 77077

(NW Side of Westheimer @ Hayes)

Designer Diva


Designer Resale

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Meet The Team!

The Biggest & Brightest Smiles in Texas!


Have you ever walked away from some stranger you just met in a store and said to yourself, "Wow, that was a fine and helpful individual. I wish the world was filled with people like that."


Come meet the Designer Diva Team!


We appreciate our hard-working volunteers for Blooming Butterflies, our non-profit helping shelters and the endangered Monarch Butterflies.


Here are a few of our qualified volunteers and

their service years since 2005.  




Russell -11 years (professional mover)

Dee - 12 years (owned her own boutique on Westheimer for 14 years - now retired)

Mona - 7 years (Parisian Seamstress for 37 years)

Charles - 6 years (professional mover )

Trina - 3 years (owned her own boutique for 27 years - now retired)

Judy - 1 year (school teacher for 47 years - now retired)

Donnette - 1 year - Owns Xclusive Scents by D

Patty - 1 year (worked at several resale stores - now retired)

Glenda - 6 months (back to college)

Iosha - 3 months (back to college)

Maria - 9 months (works at a dry cleaners by day, volunteers at night)

Glynelle - 10 months ( disabled in a wheelchair, volunteers to help with her MS)

Gwen - 4 months (corporate world - now retired)

Genesis - 3 month (college student - intern)

Jennifer - 1 month (college student - intern)

Crystal - (corporate world - disabled - volunteers)

Templa - 2 months - Business Manger

Elle - 2 months - BS in Accounting

Jeremiah - 1 month - Music Ministry

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